The startups in ‘Smart Mobility’ are working on solutions that help improve the efficiency, accessibility, safety and quality of transportation of people and goods by drones, motorcycles, bikes and cars.

Some very important societal challenges are taken on by the selected startups in ‘Smart Education’.

Smart Building’ solutions that turn buildings into living organisms and help improve efficiency in construction and energy complete this first smart city cohort.

We set out to select twelve startups which have product market fit, but ended up selecting some based on future potential. Since the programme is highly individualised, we decided to select them for this cohort as well. We look forward helping them with access to funding, customers & partners and reinforcing their international potential.

The Startups:


Saroléa is an electric superbike company, founded in Belgium. It combines its rich brand heritage and race calibre with intelligent technology and the finest craftsmanship in the industry. The company’s goal is to deliver the ultimate road-legal electric superbike, based on the same intelligent technology, design and performance of its racing superbikes.

Manuals made easy. Making manuals costs a lot of time and money. makes it easier than ever. Brands can now publish their manuals in the cloud in this easy format. It makes manuals any-lingual and offers a better creating and reading experience on any device. But most importantly, it turns the manual into an after sales marketing tool.

Sunlight is a smart digital wallet and marketplace for employee learning. It makes it easy for companies to implement engaging learning & development programmes that save time and leverage the user base’s transactional data to build a tailored and unified access to all of the world’s education.


FSTR fights the fragmentation of the carpool market by providing the first existing global open database of carpool rides (API) in Europe, an open protocol for carpool companies to exchange such rides, and an open source app which can be easily adapted. Its goal is to contribute to the creation of a new mobility paradigm that will tackle the mobility problems that EU cities face nowadays.


IDRONECT makes it easy to fly drones legal, safe and profitable. It is a software platform connecting all partners in drone management: operators, pilots, schools, portals and authorities – even the general public. It is the digital solution for the mandatory registration, risk analysis, safety management, customer management, live tracking and geofencing of drone flights.


InnovationWall is a social innovation application that encourages cross-pollination and transparency between companies, NGOs, schools, governments, cities, or any other type of organisation. It enables internal and external idea sourcing, challenge solving and crowd initiating. Its mission is to empower innovative partnerships leading to meaningful impact on society.


BeSaas is a Parking Management Software as a Service that will help real estate owners and fleetmanagers to manage users, optimise access control, occupation rates, returns and reporting across their parking portfolio. It is cloud based and connected to cutting edge and dematerialised access technology which allows the introduction of new services in the parkings and much smarter mobility in and around the building.


Pozyx Labs is a fast-growing startup specializing in precise (indoor) positioning. The system (hardware and software) provides an accuracy of 10 cm by using wireless ultra-wideband technology and state-of-the-art algorithms. This makes it 50 times more accurate than Bluetooth and WiFi.


Bao is a prefabricated utilities system used in the construction of small to medium sized apartments. It provides all services for comfortable living conditions (heating, ventilation, electricity, water and telecom) as well as a bathroom and kitchen. The breakthrough is the system behind the product. This makes it possible to install all the utilities at once whilst remaining flexible enough to fit into a variety of apartment sizes. Firthermore maximising off-site production is the surest way to reduce waste and to maximise recycling efficiency.


OpenMotics is modern, open source home automation at a reasonable price and easy to use. It is the first complete open home automation platform that offers its source code and hardware open for everyone to use, allowing for third party app-creation. The hardware modules can measure consumption, gather all kinds of input and control output. OpenMotics allows home management from anywhere at any time on any device


ZapFloor gives office managers the possibility to manage their community effortlessly by automating and centralising administrative tasks. From contract-creation and document management to invoicing and workspace management. The platform is built in a modular way which allows for easy integration of external services.


SF1 is a Belgian engineering & service platform with specialists & experts in Building Management Systems. It has its own engineering, automation and support pitlane team to integrate building technology systems and to minimize the lifecycle cost of your buildings. It offers an independent building service dashboard based on BIM-aided data automation.


NearByke will be a new bike-sharing system. Users will be able to leave the bike wherever they like. The bicycles will be equipped with GPS devices in order to locate them with an app. There will be a user reward system based on the density of the area of the bicycle drop off location.

We want to thank all of the startups for taking the time to apply for Watt Factory Smart City Accelerator!