EU funds a carpooling startup Fstr. Google takes on Uber with Waze app. Daimler offers 10 reasons for car-sharing.

EU funds carpooling startup Fstr
Belgian startup, Fstr has received funding from Open Data Incubator for Europe (ODINE). Fstr is planning to promote carpooling by building a globally accessible database. “Taxistop, Blablacar and many others each offer carpooling services, only using their own database.

In order to offer a real solution to traffic jams, Fstr proposes creating an open database for sharing rides across the entire continent”, says David De Beukelaer, founder of the Ghent-based startup. “That unified database will increase the chances of finding a ride, but also enable each provider of carpool solutions to continue preferring its own solutions, target audiences and geographic scope — while recognizing that open data is the only way forward to efficient, modern mobility”.

ODINE is funded through the European Commission allocating around 7.8 million Euros to startups working on open-data projects. More:

1-sFWHVsjQLQ0MzUNxFSdo7wDaimler offers 10 reasons to car-share A car is not just form of transportation, but a status, a statement. Well, at least it used to be, not any more. Daimler, owner of Car2Go gives 10 reasons why car-sharing is the way of future.

Here is a brief overview:

Reason 1: Car spends most of the time just sitting in a parking space.
Reason 2. Car-sharing lets you save on car-insurance, gas, parking fees, tax and maintenance.
Reason 3. Car-sharing allows you to be just as spontaneous as you would be with your own car.
Reason 4. You have freedom of choosing the car you want, every time.
Reason 5. Car-sharing is good for environment.
Reason 6. Car-sharing is great for families that need a second vehicle time-after-time. Reason
7. Less stress about parking.
Reason 8. You only have to worry about the car during the journey.
Reason 9. Car-sharing offers privacy of owning a car with no headaches.
Reason 10. Car-sharing allows you to be connected with other modes of transportation more easily than in case of private car.

1-kHOUfh3tVFT3uPqzM-dh0wGoogle Takes on Uber with a new ride-share service Google has begun a pilot program around its head office in California that allows workers in specific firms to use Waze app to connect with other commuters, reports Wall Street Journal. According to the publication, Google will open the service to all residents of San-Francisco soon. The main distinction that currently exists between Waze and Uber or Lyft, is that it connects commuters with drivers that are already moving in their desired direction. The pilot program charges 54 cents a mile, less than Uber and Lyft rides, and Google doesn’t take any fee. This new move by Google can cause a clash between the search engine giant and ride-hailing king, Uber, valued currently at $68 billion.